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Sustainable Forestry and The New Green Opportunity

Low impact horse logging skid trail

How does the green market affect your business? Find out how to thrive in today's marketplace.

Logging Spotlight10

Before You Buy Used Logging Equipment

Finding used logging equipment for sale is fairly easy to do. Finding the best deal for that perfect log skidder might be a little more difficult. Used logging equipment can be in fairly good shape or extremely worn out. It is difficult to tell if a log loader or skidder has been well maintained from a picture on the internet.

A Guide to the Timber Market

The timber market has its ups and downs, and closely follows the trends of the housing market. Learn the current log prices, and lumber prices in your area. From finding cheap logs to marketing your lumber in unique ways to stay competitive in today's timber market.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke, or Sun Stroke

It is important to prevent heat stroke while logging. The best pieces of timber are usually miles away from any medical help. This is a good reason to learn how to prevent sun stroke and how to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke. Here are ways you can prevent heat exhaustion in the woods.

How to Find Logging Jobs

There are many places to find logging jobs. You could start your search online or in a traditional newspaper. Of course this is what everybody else does, so you will be competing with many other applicants to actually get hired. If you want a leg up on everybody else you need to find the job before it is ever posted in print.

How to Buck a Tree

One of the first jobs that a greenhorn logger is entrusted with, is bucking logs into there proper lengths. Even though this seams like a simple job, in reality there are many facets of the job that need close attention to maximize yield. A Bucker needs to pay close attention to the different characteristics of a tree, they need to have a knowledge of grade in a log as well as how to cut a log to maximize the amount of board footage that can be gleaned from that tree.

Investigating Log Scale Fraud

Do you suspect that you are a victim of log scale fraud? Did that last payday give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? The first thing to do when conducting your log scale fraud investigation is to ask questions.

Board Foot

A board foot is a unit of measure used in the logging and lumber industry. It is a volume measurement that refers to the volume of a board. Loggers use a doyle log scale to measure the number of board feet in a log.

Emerald Ash Borer, Fighting EAB

The Emerald Ash Borer or EAB for short, has been decimating stands of Ash trees throughout the Midwest. This tiny insect lays its eggs in crevasses of the Ash tree bark. When the eggs hatch the larva bores its way through the bark and into the phloem layer (main channel of water flow in a tree).

Biomass Fuels and the Wood Pellet Market

Biomass fuels such as wood pellets are a solution that many are turning to. As heating with fossil fuels continues to demand more money out of the pocket book, the demand for wood pellets will continue to rise. Basic economics tells us that higher demand on the same supply means higher prices.

Before You Buy Timberking Sawmills Review

Timberking sawmills proclaim that they have the “Timberking Advantage” over other portable band sawmill makers. Lets take a look at Timberking and see how these mills stack up against their competitors. Do their mills live up to the hype? Do they have the necessary edge to claim a true advantage?

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