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Before You Buy Used Logging Equipment


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Finding used logging equipment for sale is fairly easy to do. Finding the best deal for that perfect log skidder might be a little more difficult. It is best to shop locally and only buy the equipment you are looking for after you have inspected it yourself.

Used Logging Equipment For Sale Online


Used logging equipment can be in fairly good shape or extremely worn out. It is difficult to tell if a log loader or skidder has been well maintained from a picture on the internet. Be very careful if you intend to buy a piece of logging equipment site unseen. That Yarder could look great in a picture, but it may have some serious mechanical problems that would cost thousands to repair.

Even though pictures online don't tell the whole story, the internet is a great place to start your search. Just be sure the piece of logging equipment your interested in is located within driving distance so you can go inspect it in person.

Here are a few websites that have hundreds of logging machines listed for sale.


Buy From Someone You Trust

You may know someone who has a log loader for sale. Ask the loggers you know, if they have any used equipment, or if they know someone who does. Put the word out to the logging truck drivers you know. They come in contact with many loggers and can spread the word for you.

Ask heavy equipment mechanics who might have a used logging machine for sale. They come in contact with many logging operations and can guide you to a good machine. This could be the best way to find a good deal on a well maintained skidder. If the mechanic has worked on that particular machine then he will have a good idea of just how well maintained that machine is.


    Classified Ads

    The biggest resource for finding used heavy equipment has been, and still is, the specialty classified ad papers found on newsstands and in gas stations across the country. They usually only cost a dollar or two and they are loaded with hundreds of listings. They typically cover a whole state or larger region of the country such as the Upper Midwest, East Coast, Pacific Northwest and so on. Even if you don't intend on buying a used machine from one of these papers, they can be a great resource for determining the value of a used machine.


      Used Equipment Dealers

      If you want assurance that the used logging equipment you are buying, is of the highest quality, it might be a good idea to buy one from a dealer. A good used equipment dealer will thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment that goes through their lot. If they are trustworthy they will give you a full report and maintenance record for the machine you are interested in. Even then it is still a good idea to inspect the machine yourself or have a qualified mechanic inspect it for you, before you decide to make a purchase.


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