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How to Find Logging Jobs


There are many places to find logging jobs. You could start your search online or in a traditional newspaper. Of course this is what everybody else does, so you will be competing with many other applicants to actually get hired. If you want a leg up on everybody else you need to find the job before it is ever posted in print. Well, how could I possibly know how to find a logging job before it is posted? I am glad you asked.


It may seam obvious but you would be surprised at the number of people who only apply for jobs that are listed as available. Why not seek a logging job before it becomes available. Make a list of all the sawmills in your area and send resumes to each one of them. You never know, they may just be looking for a new logger when your resume arrives. To increase your chances you will need to know how to create a top notch resume.


Get to know people who work in the logging industry in your area. Visit some of the mills on your list and introduce yourself. Be kind, warm, and friendly to all the people you meet at the mill. Look for a need that you can help with and offer to lend a hand. Even if you are turned down, people will remember that you offered to help, and more importantly, they will remember you.

Show Up on Monday

I have seen it countless times, Monday morning comes and somebody doesn't show up for work. Maybe the weekend was to rough or, they had a disagreement with the alarm clock, whatever the case may be they didn't make it in. Being short on help on a logging crew can make for a bad day. This is your opportunity to swoop in and save the day.

Show up first thing on Monday morning and let the boss know that you are available to work. Make sure you come prepared for work. Have your logging boots, chainsaw, chaps, helmet, and any other gear you need with you. Even if you don't get hired on the spot, the boss will notice that you arrived bright and early on Monday morning ready to work. That will move you up to the top of the list when he or she does decide to hire.

Work for Free

There are some tasks on a logging site that are time consuming and low reward, but they have to be done. You can volunteer to do these jobs for free. Why would you want to work for free? It will give you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and work ethic to the crew and the yard boss.

Offer to remove debris that is in the way. Landings and logging trails can get piled up with debris from the work that is being performed. You can offer to clean up that debris after the logging crew is done for the day. Start by cleaning up small chunks of wood from the landing then move to the logging trails and remove any obstacles. Just be sure that you don't cut up or damage any logs that are intended for the mill. You might ask the yard boss to mark the obstacles he wants removed with marking paint.

Many times you can fill up a pickup truck with wood that can then be sold as firewood. You will not only impress the yard boss but you will also gain a source of income from firewood sales. You may even be able to make this your full time gig.

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