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Glossary of Logging Terms

The logging industry has some of the most obscure terms. Want to know what a peavey is? Why is it a cant hook and not a can hook? Whats the difference between a Skidder and a Yarder?

Board Foot
A board foot is a unit of measure used in the logging and lumber industry. It is a volume measurement that refers to the volume of a board. Loggers use a doyle log scale to measure the number of board feet in a log.

Portable Sawmill
A portable sawmill is a machine that consists of a blade either circular or band, and a guide system that cuts logs into boards, square timbers, or cants. Portable sawmills are light and compact compared to stationary sawmills.

Timber Sports Events
Timber sports events are drawing large crowds at shows all over the world. Fans of all types find events that will suit their tastes like ax throwing, hot saw, double buck, boom run, single buck,springboard chop, pole climb, and log rolling.

A Forest Products Glossary of Terms
In discussing forestry, you will often hear and read words and phrases that are unique to the forestry and the wood products professions. You will also have to use some common terms that take on special meaning when talking forestry.

Common Construction Terms for Wood Furniture
There are some common construction terms for wood furniture that come up again and again. What does it mean when the manufacturer says it is made of hardwood? Softwood? Engineered wood?

OSHA Logging Terms
A directory of Logging terms from the Operation Safety and Health Administration. This is the most complete Glossary of logging tools I could find. This is also a great site for planning out the safest methods for a logging operation.

High-Lead Logging Terms
Loggers in different areas of the country have there own unique language. Here are a collection of terms used by loggers in the Pacific Northwest.

Ax-Men Logger Lingo
A directory of terms used by loggers on the History Channel TV show Ax Men. Have you ever wondered what a Crummy is?

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