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Real life Ax Men and Women

Real life Ax men and women stories. Find out what Loggers are really like. Are you a professional lumberjack? Are you happy with the way your profession is portrayed on television? Tell us your story.

Real Life Ax Men
Real life Ax Men are hard working men who endure long days in the toughest weather conditions. They have what it takes to bring in load after load of logs to the mill. Loggers make no excuses and can be relied on to get the job done.See submissions

Logging accidents happen every day. Logging is one of the most dangerous occupations. Loggers have to be on the lookout constantly for hazards that can cause serious chainsaw injuries.

Ax Man - Arborist Joe Green
Joe Green entered the arborist's life when hired by the City of Roswell, Georgia to fill their City Arborist position. Joe was hired on his experience as a horticulture professional...

Ax Man - Carl Smith on Chainsaw Safety
Carl Smith is a fifth generation logger who received a forest technician degree from Green River. Carl started his career with The Weyerhaueser Company.

Ax Woman - Amber Yokum
The cab of a Prentice 325 loader is an unusual place to find a woman, but for Amber Yokum, it’s right where she wants to be.

Ax Man - Mark Mahon
Pursuing a career in the forest industry has come naturally for Mark Mahon. The lure to the woods started during childhood

Ax Man - Derek McCutcheon
Ax - Man Derek McCutcheon talks about logging with a High-Tech Harvesting Machine.

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