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Portable Sawmill Reviews

There are many types of Portable Sawmills. Find out what types the different manufacturers make and what is the right portable sawmill for you. How many board feet do you need to cut in a day? Should you go with a manual mill or do you need full hydraulics and computer set-works?
  1. Top Portable Sawmills

Portable Sawmill Buyers Guide
The advent of the portable sawmill has given small business owners the ability to make their own lumber. You can create your own unique niche with a portable sawmill. There are three basic types of portable sawmill. Deciding which type of saw mill is right for you depends on a few factors. You must way the advantages and disadvantages of...

Portable Band Sawmills
There many different portable band sawmills on the market to choose from. They are possibly the most common type of portable sawmill. A band sawmill is made up of a saw head with 2 band wheels. They have a flexible steel band blade that tracks around the band wheels. It has a frame with a track that guides the saw head through the log. The...

Portable Swing Blade Sawmills
Swing blade sawmill technology works similar to band sawmills in that a movable head travels along a track to cut a stationary log. A swing blade sawmill uses a circular blade that swings from a vertical position to a horizontal position. This feature allows the sawyer to cut while moving the head in both directions, thus increasing production...

Buy: A Chainsaw Mill
Chainsaw mills came about from the need to cut lumber in very remote regions. What if you have a portable sawmill with limited cutting capacities? You could add a chainsaw mill to your arsenal, and use it to cut larger logs down to a manageable size.

Buy, Woodmizer Sawmills
Woodmizer sawmills are at the higher end of the scale when it comes to price. Certain features of the manual Woodmizer sawmills don't make much sense. However, for a true production sawmill Woodmizer stands out as a leader in the industry.

Buy Timberking Sawmills Review
Timberking sawmills proclaim that they have the “Timberking Advantage” over other portable band sawmill makers. Lets take a look at Timberking and see how these mills stack up against their competitors. Do their mills live up to the hype? Do they have the necessary edge to claim a true advantage?

Top 5 Chainsaw Mills
The chain saw mill is inexpensive and appealing for homestead and farm use where access is limited. Chain saw mills are OK tools but offer back-breaking work when compared to a portable sawmill. They can also be inefficient.

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