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Before You Buy Timberking Sawmills Review


Timberking sawmills proclaim that they have the “Timberking Advantage” over other portable band sawmill makers. Lets take a look at Timberking and see how these mills stack up against their competitors. Do their mills live up to the hype? Do they have the necessary edge to claim a true advantage?

4 Post Head

All Timberking sawmills come with a 4 post head, but so do a lot of other brands of portable band sawmills. To claim this feature as an advantage over your competitors you would think that it would be exclusive to your brand. Does Timberking have the right to claim an advantage for a feature that is widespread in the industry?

Having the saw-head connected to the bed in 4 places no doubt does create a very stable platform. This design does have some limitations. The biggest of these is that you are limited to logs that will fit between the posts on the saw-head. To their credit Timberking has built their mills with very large capacities to overcome this issue.

Another limitation to the 4 post design is that if you have any flex or misalignment on the log deck or bed, the head will cut following that flex or twist resulting in tapered cuts. Timberking has also overcome this with a heavy duty log bead that is welded together and rigidly built. Having overcome the disadvantages of the 4 post head design truly does give Timberking the right to claim a design advantage.

Hydraulic Controls vs. Electric Controls

Timberking makes the claim that their direct hydraulic controls will outlast and outperform other brands of sawmills electronic controls. I happen to agree completely with this claim. I have worked with and repaired both electronic and hydraulic controls on many different types of machines. The simple fact is that there is less that can go wrong with hydraulics than there is with electronics. Especially on a machine that spends it's entire life outdoors.

Moisture from rain and mud can play havoc on an electronic system. Terminals and wires on the electronic boxes corrode and deteriorate very quickly. Hydraulic systems on the other hand are virtually weatherproof. UV rays from the sun will gradually break down hydraulic lines over several years, and normal wear and tear will eventually cause seals and cylinders to fail. When this happens the repairs are generally simple and low cost, while electronics can be complicated and expensive to repair.

Large Cut Capacity

The large cut throat on Timberking sawmills is bigger than a lot of band sawmill makes. It allows you to cut larger logs without having to turn the log multiple times. At the end of the day it saves time, and whenever you can save time while cutting you can produce more lumber. Personally, I would rather spend most of my time cutting than turning the log and readjusting a log that is to large to fit between the band wheel guards.

Powder-coat Finish

I have seen the difference between a powder-coat finish and a regular paint job. There are countless orange painted sawmills across the country. After years of sitting in the sun they have faded to a pinkish color that just looks bad. There are also many examples of used Timberking sawmills that have a baked on powder-coat finish. Even after years of sitting in the sun they have maintained an almost new appearance.

A Good Production Mill

Overall I give the line of Timberking sawmills 5 stars for one of the best production class portable band sawmills available. They build a mill with all of the right features that make a good production sawmill. Timberking combines many of the best features in the industry and include them in all their mills. I think this is what they are referring to when they say they have the “Timberking Advantage.”

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